Introducing DMXzone Collections

There have been some changes in the "Extensions" section because of the implemented shopping cart. We made everything simple and clear and also added a category called Collections. Collections are packages of 2 or more extensions. With them you can save valuable time and money by clicking "Add to Cart" and all the products will be added to your shopping cart. Below you will find useful information on how to navigate through the Collection category.

The Story
  • Filters - Choose the Collections from the first filter drop down menu to view them. From the second one you can set other filters such as: Just Updated, Best Sales, Most Downloads, Most Popular and Best Rated.
  • General overview - You can see how many extensions are included in every collection. On the upper right corner is displayed the total discount that you will receive upon purchase.
  • Collections content - Just move the mouse over the "extensions for you" and a pop-up will appear with details about which tools are included.
  • Already selected products - In case, you already have an extension added to your cart or you own it, it will show you that there are less product for you. When you go over it with the mouse, the pop-up will display what you have and what you will get. On the bottom you can see the addition discount that you will be getting for the whole Collection.
  • Recommendations - When you are in the shopping cart and have selected a product, below you can find Recommended Collections that contain the selected extension in order to receive an additional discount.

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