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Adding DMXzone Slider on a Website

“Learn the basic usage of DMXzone Slider”

With this movie we will show you how to insert DMXzone Slider on your website.


How to use:

  • Click on the DMXzone Slider icon
  • Select the slider type you need and chose a design

When to use:

  • Add an amazing sliding control to your page

Extensions Covered

Extensions Covered

DMXzone Slider

Improve your site usability with a great looking Slider Control

Enrich your website forms with DMXzone Slider by adding awesome sliders as user controls for optimal experience, usability and data validation! Select horizontal or vertical orientation and follow the creation process directly in Dreamweaver. It is supplied with 24 CSS designs, fully customizable and easy to select with our built in style picker. Adding values to your DMXzone Slider dynamically is an easy job, just choose them from any dynamic data. Additionally, you can set range option to ...

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