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Adding DMXzone Accordion on a Website

“Learn the basic usage of DMXzone Accordion”

With this movie we will show you how to insert the DMXzone Accordion on your page and the options that we included in it.


How to use:

  • Click on the DMXzone Accordion icon
  • Add as many sections as you need and edit their content in DW Design view

When to use:

Extensions Covered

Extensions Covered

DMXzone Accordion

Organize your content in sections with amazing effects and animation

If you’ve wondered how you can split your web content into accordion-like fields within Dreamweaver, now we offer you the best tool that makes it possible. With the DMXzone Accordion you can have accordion sections instead of pages anywhere on your site. Arrange your texts, images, videos and even whole pages and style them to create an intuitive and user-friendly navigation that will fit perfectly any window or monitor size. Grab your users' attention with stunning animation effects that ...

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