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960 Grid System Dreamweaver Extension Comes for Free!

“Quick and easy add a 960 CSS Grid for most flexible web site design!”

We've talked a lot about the 960 Grid System recently and finally we can announce that the Dreamweaver extension is ready to be released tomorrow! The premise of the system is ideally suited to rapid prototyping, but it would work equally well when integrated into a production environment. In simple words it means that with the 960 Grid System you will be able to create Websites layout in few minutes.

The Story

960 Grid System

About the extension:

With the 960 Grid System Dreamweaver Extension you can quick and easy add a 960 CSS Grid for most flexible web site design! Just add as many rows and cells as you need for your header, content, sidebars or footer. The extension gives you the tools to add new CSS Grid Cells, increase or decrease their size, split or join cells and much more with just a single action click. All the counting of grid cell sizes and placement, that is needed for the 960 Grid System is done automatically for you!

Also in Dreamweaver Design View there are special visual aid tools that show outlines for the grid and cells so you can see them during your web site design work in Dreamweaver.

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RE: Devolving?

Dear Arnold,

 This system is fully css driven, no tables or table layouts - it's all divs.


Marcus,  you can download it already! -


Rows? Cells?

Are we going back to the days of table layouts?


Definitely need this.  Can't wait