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SEO Strategy and Your CMS; Are They Working Together?

“Beware of the CMS SEO black hole!”

For years now, businesses have understood the importance of search engines and how SEO can drive prospects to their websites. But with websites having a shelf life of one to two years, businesses often perform redesigns. Along with redesigns come new web development vendors and new Content Management Systems.

You’ll want to pay close attention to how CMS migrations can affect your SEO. Your website’s content has been instrumental in driving in visitors from search engines. Porting over to a new CMS will undoubtedly improve your internal efficiency and align with business goals, but what is it doing to your rankings? Read the full article

Patrick Julicher

Patrick JulicherPatrick started developing websites at the age of 25, only using HTML and building simple websites. Through the years his passion for designing and developing grew, and his career moved in that direction in the year 2004, when he decided to try and get a job in ICT and Web Development.
He got this chance at WE ICT, based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. For the first couple of years he combined network management for customers with creating database-driven websites in ASP. Since 2008 his main work is on the developing part.
While ASP is still his favorite language, he's slowly trying to dive into ASP.NET and discover all of the possibilities.

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