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Cool Flash Effects

Flash Tutorial to create simple & cool effects using Tweening and Masking

In this Tutorial you'll learn how to create simple and cool effects in Flash. This tutorial uses concepts of Symbols Basics and Tweened Animations in Flash. It is very simple and neatly explained below.

Note: Though this article demo was created using Flash MX 2004, it also can be applied fully to Flash 5 or 4.

Fade-in & Fade-out Effect

  1. Drawn any vector, say a circle and convert it into a graphic symbol and name the symbol, say 'ball_gr'.
  2. Insert frame (F5) in the 20th frame and create a Motion Tween.
  3. Select the 10th frame and insert a Key frame (F6).
  4. Select the 'ball_gr' instance on the stage and select Alpha from the Color Panel in the Properties window and reduce the value from 100% to 40%.
  5. Save your work and test the Movie (Ctrl + Enter). That's it your first cool effect is ready!

Press read it at the external site link for the complete tutorial.

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