What You Missed This Week

This week we added a new section in our Extensions tab called Designs & Kits. There you can find different templates along with the extensions required to work with them. We started with Universal Responsive Design Starter Kit. This pack gives you significant advantage thanks to the ready to work structure, multiple fluid grid layout, fully customizable and more. You can also purchase only the template if you have the needed tools. For more details you can read our blog post. Be sure to check out the demos and video we made for you. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

DMXzone Colorpicker is Coming Next Week!

A new powerful tool for your Dreamweaver is on its way and will arise next week on DMXzone. Meet our DMXzone Color Picker - a simple component, which will let you select any color online the way you do it in Photoshop and fine tune them for your website! Integrate this amazing colorpicker on your page and you can get any color shade, build custom swatches, add animations and easing, choose one of the supplied skins and many many more. Today we'll show you a sneak preview of the UI to give you an idea what our developers are working on for the past few weeks. Stay tuned for our Features in Detail coming up on Monday.

Using the Universal Responsive Design Starter Kit

If you already own the Universal Responsive Design Starter Kit or the template(in case you already own the extensions) and are wondering what to do with it, today we will give you some ideas in an awesome demo, accompanied by a video tutorial. It is extremely easy to customize it, when having the right tools, all you need is great images and few minutes. Check them out below and make sure to get the template soon, because until Wednesday it comes with a special price!

Note that if you own some of the extensions they will be automatically excluded from your order when you purchase the Universal Responsive Design Starter Kit.

Universal Responsive Design Starter Kit Released!

Meet our very first Universal Responsive Design Starter Kit that features 4 amazing DMXzone extensions and an awesome template, created by our web design guru Teodor Kuduschiev. This great package is a must have web design kit for everyone that want to save valuable time and money on creating a multiple fluid grid layout, when designing a page. The Universal Responsive Design template is also available separately on a special price with €10/$13 cheaper until Wednesday.

Note that in order to use this template you need to have all the required extensions installed in Dreamweaver! Remember, buying more than one extension at once on DMXzone gives you automatically more discount! So make sure you have a full shopping cart for maximum savings!

DMXzone Introduces Designs & Kits Section!

As most of you already are or planning to go on vacation, we at the DMXzone were working on a new section in our website called Designs & Kits. The DMXzone starter kits are huge timesavers, extremely useful and include all needed DMXzone extensions plus template to help you create amazing websites for your business or your clients. For all our All Extensions Access Yearly/2 Years Subscriptions owners they will be free of charge and can be downloaded upon release. To all our other users we made them available on a small fee or as a package with a discount.

Stay tuned for the official release later today!

Radio Coverage Demo With Google Maps and Drawing Add-on

In today's demo we are going to show you how to create a stylish page for your radio station showing the coverage of the area. For that purpose we used DMXzone Google Maps and its Drawing Add-on along with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu. By sketching the different zones of the signal strength with various colors, we were able to make a pretty simple map of the radio waves. We also provided info for the different colors.

Polygons on 45° Images in Google Maps

A little bit more than a month ago Google Geo Imagery team introduced some refreshed 45° imagery for a number of places in the United States. In today's showcase we will show you how easy it is to draw polygons even on these images with the help of DMXzone Google Maps and our recently released Gooogle Maps Drawing Add-on. Check out the demo below and make sure to get the Add-on soon because it's on sale with with €10/$13 cheaper until Wednesday.

What You Missed This Week

This week was very exciting. First of all we have a new star in our family - the Google Maps Drawing Add-on. With it you can sketch your maps by adding directions, different shapes, change colors and more. You can do all this directly in your Dreamweaver and thanks to the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and the updated DMXzone Google Maps it's also possible to do it online in your browser. But this wasn't the only update, we also have new versions for our Ajax AutoComplete and Google Maps Directions Add-on. Be sure to check out all the demos and videos we made for you and discover  the power of our new tool. For a limited time you can get the Drawing Add-on with a special introduction price. You can even get it cheaper by adding more products in your shopping cart for greater discount. Below you will find a complete list of DMXzone content.

Organize Your Trip Demo with Google Maps Drawing Add-on

Yesterday we released a brand new tool for you - Google Maps Drawing Add-on and today we will show you another great example what can do with it. For this demo we used our Online Page Editor Add-on which will allow you to edit your maps directly in the browser and DMXzone Google Maps to bring up the place we want to customize. After that it's all the Drawing Add-on. Thanks to the awesome drawing functions, we were able to outline and colorize the needed spots in just a few seconds. With minimum efforts we have created a map for your customers to get around quick and easy.

Google Maps Drawing Add-on Released and on Sale

The waiting is finally over and today we're proud to announce the official release of our next Add-on for DMXzone Google Maps and Advanced HTML Editor 3 called Google Maps Drawing Add-on. With this amazing tool you can draw anything you like on your maps, including polygons, lines, different shapes and even use custom colors to fit your site design. Check out the demo below and see what amazing things you can do with it!

For a limited time, until next Wednesday you can get it with €10/$13 cheaper so hurry up! And remember, buying more than one extension at once on DMXzone gives you automatically more discount! So make sure you have a full shopping cart for maximum savings!

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