Editing Live in Facebook with Advanced HTML Editor 3

In today's demo we'll show you how to edit live your Facebook page using four of our finest Dreamweaver extensions. For the purpose we combined the Facebook Fan Page with our Advanced HTML Editor 3 and Sliding Billboard. When you need to update your page you can do it fairly easy in a moment, just hit the edit button and the admin panel will open in a DMXzone Lightbox.

Advanced HTML Editor 3 Updated and on Sale

In this blog article we bring you the new and improved version of the Advanced HTML Editor 3. Don't let yourself spend valuable hours editing you page, with our Advanced HTML Editor 3 you can do it in just a matter of clicks. In addition to the features that we shared with you yesterday we also added support for dynamic editor name attribute for support with ADDT. Read on to explore the full update list below.

For a limited time you can get the Advanced HTML Editor 3 with 50% discount!

Responsive Admin Panel Demo with Adv HTML Editor 3

In today's showcase we used our amazing Advanced HTML Editor 3 extension and one of the most famous CSS frameworks -Twitter Bootstrap in order to create a Responsive Admin Panel page. The editor and the menu are scaled according to a range of resolutions and devices to provide a consistent user experience that you can view in the screenshots below and also test it live! In our recent update of Advanced HTML Editor 3 we improved the compatibility with CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and 960 Grid System so it works like a charm!

A Week of Advanced HTML Editor 3

It has never been easier to edit your web site in a couple of seconds. With the Advanced HTML Editor 3 you can do quick editing of your pages. The editor is very clean and simple to use and saves you a lot of time, just like editing in MS Word. In our upcoming update, we've included restyled built-in dialogs for consistency and also made it user friendlier on touch devices. Additionally, we improved the compatibility with CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and 960 Grid System. Stay tuned for the complete list of updates coming tomorrow!


What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the week, here's our weekly summary of the published content. We put our favorite Ajax Datagrid on focus and showed you how to create some amazing stuff with it. Also for a week it's on sale and you can get it with 50% discount so check out the video tutorials and showcases below.

Learn How to Update Records in the Discounted Ajax Datagrid

Last week we started with a 3 part video series called Add, Edit and Delete Functionality to show you the amazing things you can do with our popular Ajax Datagrid Dreamweaver extension. In today's showcase we included it in an awesome demo website along with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu, DMXzone Lightbox and DMXzone Google Maps in order to create visual experience for different destination.

Note that until next Wednesday you can get the Ajax Datagrid with 50% discount so hurry up!

DMXzone to Improve Its Payment System

We're currently working on a brand new shopping cart that will improve and fasten the purchasing process. In an effort to develop an user-friendly and easy to use cart we created a Poll where we ask you about your Preferred Payment Methods that will help us cover the most used payment systems. As PayPal being the most used one for the past few years, currently we have two other choices - Kagi and Bank Transfer so vote on our Poll to find the best solution for you.

Last Part of Adding Edit and Delete Functionality in Ajax DataGrid

The last video tutorial from the series show you how to add the Edit and Delete icons functionality. Now you can create your own admin panel and add some amazing functionalities Ajax Datagrid.  Again, you can download the needed source code for this video tutorial from here. If you missed part 1 and 2, you can watch them in our Dreamweaver Premium content section.

Add, Edit and Delete Functionality in Ajax Datagrid Part 2

In the first part of the video series we showed you how to Setup your database and add "edit" and "delete" icons in your Ajax Datagrid. Part 2 will cover the process of adding an "Add new" record button on an Ajax Datagrid page that opens an insert record page within a DMXzone Lightbox. We also added the needed source code that can be downloaded from the video right sidebar. Stay tuned for part 3 where we'll add functionality to the edit and delete buttons.

What You Missed This Week

If you missed us this week, this is the summary of the content, updates and more that we released during the last few days.We have 2 new updates for Feed Genie, which is currently on sale with 50% off until Wednesday and DMXzone Google Maps. Also we designed new showcases with them to get you inspired and see what you can do with both Dreamweaver extensions.

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