Fluid Facebook Fan Pages with the Newest Version
With our latest version of the Facebook Fan Page extension you can create fluid pages, which can be as large as you wish without vertical scrollbars. For a better preview, you can check out the demo that we created below and see how it looks like in action. Also we discounted this amazing Dreamweaver tool and for a week period you can have it with 50% off.
Empower Your Website with Music

In this week's updated version of the HTML5 MP3 Player we added the latest SoundManager2 for greatest HTML5 audio support, toggle playlist option to show/hide the playlist and more other improvements that you can check out in the list of what's new below. We also designed a new demo to show you how greatly you can present your music in a stylish playlist.

For a limited time, until next Wednesday you can get this awesome tool with 50% off.

HTML5 MP3 Player in Action with Facebook

This week we begin with another stunning showcase for you in which we used our popular HTML5 MP3 Player and Facebook Fan Page extensions. With these tools you will have no problem adding any type of music or sounds into your site and share them quick and easy on your Facebook page. Stay tuned for the update of the HTML5 MP3 Player on Wednesday.

What You Missed This Week

This week we put the focus on Google Maps. Following this direction, we updated our DMXzone Google Maps extension and its Directions Add-on. It has never been easier to implement Google Maps in to you page. Check out the demos we put out for you and for a limited time you can get both of these awesome tools with 50% discount until Wednesday. If you missed anything else below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

DMXzone Google Maps and Directions Add-on Improvements

This week's special offer included updated versions of DMXzone Google Maps extension and its Directions Add-on. If you are looking for an easy on the web navigation with directions, both tools are the right solution for you. The improved versions feature latest jQuery 1.7.2, bettered installer for for DW CS 5.5+ and Mac DW CS6, and more. We also added a new showcase that you can see below!

Until next Wednesday you can get both with 50% off so hurry up and purchase them!

45 Degrees View with DMXzone Google Maps

Google Geo Imagery team has just rolled out some refreshed 45° imagery for a number of places in the United States. You can now escape the bad weather and check them out virtually from the comfort of your warm and dry home. For even better overview of the cities we put the coordinates in our DMXzone Google Maps with easy to navigate buttons that will zoom directly to the view. Stay tuned for the updated version of this tool coming up on Wednesday!

What You Missed This Week

This week we put out more showcases for you to look at. Not only that but we have two new updates - DMXzone Supersized and DMXzone Nivo Slider. If you are wondering what is the best way to represent your images and content these awesome extensions are the right way to go. Now you can get them with 50% off until next Wednesday. Also make sure you have the latest and the greatest DMXzone Updater 1.5 that we also released this week. If you missed anything else below is the complete list of the DMXzone content.

DMXzone Updater 1.5 Release with some CS6 greatness

We are pleased to announce a new version of our very popular DMXzone Updater extension! Now not only can you keep your extensions always up to date and download new versions automatically from within Dreamweaver, but you can also download and install all the extensions you have ever purchased at DMXzone at once!

This is very useful when for example upgrading to Dreamweaver CS6 and you just want to install all your DMXzone extensions directly!

Making the Fullscreen Galleries Demo

On Tuesday we released a showcase with fullscreen gallery with thumbnails that was greated with our DMXzone Supersized extension. Today, we will show you how to recreate it in a step by step video tutorial that you can watch below. Keep in mind that this DMXzone tool is still on sale with 50% off until next Wednesday so hurry up and get it if you're missing it in your extensions collection.

Featured Items of Your Page with Nivo Slider

In our latest version of the DMXzone Nivo Slider we added checks to require image ID when description is being used, the latest jQuery 1.7.2 and other improvements that you can check in the list below. If you still don't have it for a limited time until next Wednesday you can have it with 50% off and can present your images in a fantastic slider with the choice of 16 unique transition effects.

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