Using the Redesigned and Enhanced Extensions Section

With the implementation of our shopping cart, we also did a small redesign on the Extensions section to help you navigate and shop quickly and more efficiently. Below you will find detailed information on what's new, how to filter extensions, choose between different extensions collections and more...

Using the DMXzone Shopping Cart

Today is a big day for DMXzone. With the launch of our much anticipated Shopping Cart things are going to change for better. Combined with the new design enhancements, purchasing new products is easier than ever. We made everything simple and clean and adding extensions to your basket is just a click away. Below we made a manual for you on how to use our new Shopping Cart.

What You Missed Last Week

The weekend is approaching fast and it's time to take a look and see what happen this week. We have a new star on the horizon called DMXzone PrintIt. This wonderful tool will help you add print capabilities to your page. Choose any element from your site and make it printable. Be sure to check out the demos and video we made for you. To celebrate this new release, DMXzone PrintIt comes with a special price with 50% off. If you missed anything below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

DMXzone Design Changes and a Shopping Cart Coming Soon!

To celebrate the summer season we put a lot of effort in what's to come next week on DMXzone. It took us quite a while to develop it but you'll be amazed. After months of hard work we will finally bring a shopping cart to you that will make your life easier and ordering product, pure pleasure. Along with the shopping cart there will be some slight changed on the design that will help you see which products you already have, are available for an upgrade price and many more.

Due to the update on Monday, the estimated downtime on will be about 30mins., starting at 2 p.m GMT+1, as we're based in Europe. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

DMXzone PrintIt Released with Special Price!
Here it is, our newest Dreamweaver extension - DMXzone PrintIt! Make any content area printable in a few clicks, add as many areas, ready for print, as you need and choose between same page preview and pop-up one. This and many more features are packed in today's release. Check out the demo and video to see it in action! Also for a limited time until next Wednesday you can have it with 50% discount so hurry up!
DMXzone PrintIt Features Unveiled

As we promised last week, it's time to lift up the curtain and unveil the features of our new extension - DMXzone PrintIt. Now if you want to print something from the page but you don't want anything outside the main content area to be printed or maybe you want to print just one specific part of the site, how would you do that? The answer is fairly easy - DMXzone PrintIt it the right tool to use. Just choose any element from your webpage and allow the users to print it. Stay tuned for the official release on Wednesday!

DMXzone reCAPTCHA meets DMXzone Validator

In today's demo we are going to use two of our widely popular extensions - DMXzone reCAPTCHA and Universal Form Validator PHP in order to protect our page from unwanted spam. The Validator indicates whether all fields are signed correctly if something is missing or it's incorrectly filled it will signal you to repair yourself. Then all you need to do is to type the two words from the reCAPTCHA and hit the "Send" button.

What You Missed This Week

This week was hot, not only because of the sun but also of the three new updates we released for you - the DMXzone reCAPTCHA, Smart Mailer PHP and his ASP version. Packed with tons of improvements such as better compatibility with the Universal From Validator PHP/ASP and more it's even easier to protect your page from spambots. Be sure to check out the demo and videos we created for you. To top it off you can buy these greats extensions with 50% discount for a limited time. If you missed anything else below you will find a complete list of DMXzone content.

DMXzone PrintIt Coming Next Week

The DMXzone team have been working hard to bring you another new Dreamweaver extension and to spice your weekend we are going to give you a sneak preview of what is to come next week. DMXzone PrintIt is the right way to go if you want to add print capabilities to your page, enhancing the user experience and control.  It's no longer necessary to print the whole page now you can choose any element from your page and allow the user to print it!

Stay tuned for the next week features in details.

After Validation Go To Option and More in the Latest DMXzone reCAPTCHA

This week our DMXzone reCAPTCHA extension got updated and it comes with new "after validation, go to" option, "check empty" formatting function, improved compatibility with and Smart Mailer ASP/PHP and Universal Form Validator ASP/PHP and more...In the showcase below you can explore how to use the DMXzone reCAPTCHA in a simple online form.

For a limited time, until next week, you can get this extension and protect your site with 50% discount.

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