Beginning Smartphone Web Dev Book Winners

We're starting the week with a giveaway of 5 free copies of the Beginning Smartphone Web Development e-book to 5 lucky winners who participated in our competition. In this book, Gail will teach them the web standards and fundamentals specific to smartphones and other feature-driven mobile phones and devices. If you haven't checked the book, you will find a mini-review in our Reviews section of the website. Stay tuned for more competitions coming up this week!

What You Missed This Week

The first Summer Sale week comes to its end but it is far from over! We still have the DMXzone subscriptions on the table with 20% off the retail price until Wednesday! For those who missed the previous offer, we've extended the additional discount of 30% on all the DMXzone Suites until Monday. 

All Subscriptions with 20% Discount until Wednesday!

Just before the weekend we included the subscriptions in the DMXzone Summer Sale. If you're tired of purchasing extensions why not get an access to over 70 high-quality extensions instantly? Until next Wednesday you have the chance to get All Extensions Access Yearly Subscription, All Extensions Access 2 Years Subscription and the Premium Content Yearly Subscription with 20% off the retail price!

Also we extended the sale(30% off) on all DMXzone Suites so if you haven't decided yet, you have the time until Monday!

DMXzone Extensions Updated to Work with Adobe's Latest Flash Player

With the latest release of Adobe Flash Player comes also an update for our most powerful flash extensions - Active Slideshow, Flash Album Generator 2, Dynamic Flash Gallery ASP and Dynamic Flash Gallery PHP.  Our developers improved them to load perfectly with the Adobe Flash Player If you own any of these extensions you can download the newest version completely for free from the product pages. If not, you can check them out and see what a great help they can be in your daily work.

DMXzone Suites Join the Summer Sale!

The last summer month is upon us and to celebrate it we decided to put our biggest extensions packages on the table - the DMXzone Suites! Until Friday as part of our on going Summer Sale, you can have them with 30% off of the price, which will guarantee you huge savings on extensions purchases. Choose between our HTML5, HTML5 Plus, Designer, Technical ASP or Technical PHP Suites and you'll get the best high quality extensions on DMXzone!

Online Store with Mega Bundle PHP 4.0

On the day 2 of our Summer sale, we present you the power of Mega Bundle PHP 4.0 and its extensions. In today's showcase we build up a simple online t-shirts store with different products that can be edited anytime and from anywhere. Check it out live to see how easy it is and how great it looks like!

DMXzone Summer Sale Kicks Off!
Today, our Summer sale kicks off with an amazing collection of extensions bundles, which are coming with a great discount for the next 48 hours. Not only they're 50% off of the retail extensions price but we added additionally 20% off so you can get them for the best possible price! Check out which mega packs are on the line and stay tuned for the next selection coming on Wednesday!

If you have any questions regarding the Summer sale, please contact us via the Sales Live Support during business hours or via e-mail!
Online Reservation System with Event Calendar Super Bundle

During the Summer sale, we will give you some ideas what you can do with these amazing extensions packages that we put on sale. Our first showcase is created with the Event Calendar Super Bundle PHP, which is also available in ASP, and will show you how to create a fantastic online reservation system for your business.

What We Read This Week: Creating 3d Game Art for the iPhone with Unity

Thanks to Focal Press we have the Creating 3d Game Art for the iPhone with Unity book for review! From concept to completion you'll learn to create and animate using modo and Blender as well as creating a full level utilizing the powerful toolset in Unity iOS as it specifically relates to iPhone and iPad game development.

Stay tuned because with the mini-review coming soon, we'll give 5 free copies of the Creating 3d Game Art for the iPhone with Unity to 5 lucky winners! 

What You Missed This Week

Check out our overview of all the past week's DMXzone updates. We've cut the price of our rich WYSIWYG editor, Advanced HTML Editor 3 and you can find the Google Maps & Directions Add-on bundle for the ones who already have Ajax AutoComplete, which is needed to use its powers.

Most importantly, our Summer Sale will kick off on monday, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Feeds or check back frequently for the Big Discounts!

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