Showcase: Coming Soon Page with Fluid Menu

Our next addition to the Summer sale that comes with improvements is the Fish Eye Menu Dreamweaver extension. Along with the latest jQuery, our developers included improvements for Windows 8 and many others that you can check out below. Also, we designed a coming soon page with it where you can see how great it looks if you need a cool navigation for your project.

Until next Tuesday you can get this fantastic fluid menu tool with a Mac OS X toolbar look with 50% discount!


Animated Thumbnail Gallery Comes with the Latest Browser Control

This week, we continue with out Summer Sale and included the updated Animated Thumbnail Gallery that features the latest DMXzone Browser control for the much improved Dreamweaver Design Mode editing and live preview within Dreamweaver on a newer Windows versions, as well as full Dreamweaver CC  support, among other awesome improvements. Below you'll find a showcase that we designed to give you an idea what you can accomplish with this amazing tool!

The Animated Thumbnail Gallery is available for purchase with 50% discount until next Monday. Check out the other extensions that are currently on sale and benefit from our multiple purchase discount

What You Missed This Week

It's been quite an exciting week at the DMXzone headquarter as we released the HTML5 Data Bindings that will add some amazing functionality to your Dreamweaver and help you build dynamic web apps and interactive pages. If you still don't have this amazing tool, get it now as it's for free! We also started our annual Summer Sale and already we have 3 improved extension from the DMXzone collection on sale with 50% discount so check them out! Below you'll find the full list of DMXzone content.

CSS Image Gallery Joins the Summer Sale with Lots of Improvements

Our next extension that joins the summer sale is one of our most popular galleries over the years - the CSS Image Gallery. It's been improved for the new Dreamweaver CC and features the new, restyled Behavior connector that also comes with a better Mac OSX support. Below you'll find an awesome showcase that we built in conjunction with DMXzone Bootstrap in order to create a great layout with great image presentation.

For a week time, the CSS Image Gallery is on sale with 50% discount so get this great Dreamweaver tool now!

DMXzone Summer Sale Starts Today!

After the release of Dreamweaver CC and two long awaited extensions - the DMXzone Bootstrap and HTML5 Data Bindings, it's time to start our annual DMXzone Summer Sale! In the next couple of months we'll supply all our extensions and templates with the newest technologies and features so get ready for a lot of updates coming up! Also we'll feature a different extension every day in our Summer Sale with 50% discount for a week period. That way you'll be able to complete your collection of DMXzone extension and get the needed tools cheaper. Note that the volume discount still applies and the more extensions or templates you add in the shopping cart the greater the discount you'll receive!

HTML Data Bindings Released and For Free

We've been talking about the HTML5 Data Bindings since its public appearance on this year's Adobe MAX and today the DMXzone Team is proud to announce its official release! After months of hard work, our developers gave their best and now you can build dynamic web apps and interactive pages extremely easy in your Dreamweaver. You can empower solutions like single page apps and Ajax driven websites, all possible thanks to this powerful Dreamweaver tool! Did we mention it's free of charge? Just download it and start doing magic in your projects!

DMXzone Database Connector Coming Soon

Earlier this month Adobe released their Dreamweaver CC that features some awesome new stuff but with the release came also the news that the server-related features have been removed. Along with the excitement about the new features a lot of people became upset after the removal of the several panels that provided functionality across a range of server-side technologies.

But don't worry, DMXzone team is here to save the day and will soon bring you the DMXzone Database Connector that in combination with the free HTML5 Data Bindings will give you much powerful database access solution that you can ever dream of!

HTML5 Data Bindings Features Part 2 - Regions and Dynamic Data Bindings

In the second part of our features series you can explore our stunning jQuery based template engine that powers the HTML5 Data Bindings to help you populate your data super fast on the page. Also you can see how easy it is to add any data binding fully visual in Dreamweaver by using the Smart Insert Panel. Additionally, you can add smart repeat regions, detail regions, nested repeat regions and even repeat regions within a detail region. These and many more amazing features you can check out in the list below. Stay tuned for the official release of these extremely helpful Dreamweaver tool that is coming tomorrow on DMXzone!

Make sure to check out also our first part where we showed the public and custom feeds, along with the DMXzone Behavior Connector!

Update: DMXzone Data Bindings has been released and is already available for free download

HTML5 Data Bindings Features Part 1 - Feeds and Behavior Connector

As promised last week, here are the features in detail that our developers packed in the long awaited HTML5 Data Bindings extension that will be available for free download on Wednesday. In this first part we will focus on the feeds that you can choose from as we supplied the extension with many standard ones. For each chosen feed an interface with feed specific options is shown, so you can directly enter the needed feed parameters. Also you can add custom ones or from a local JSON file. Check out the details below and stay tuned for the second part tomorrow when we'll unveiled the region possibilities in the HTML5 Data Bindings tool!

What You Missed This Week

This week was all about the newly released Adobe Dreamweaver CC that came with some great new features and also with some cuts. Happily, all DMXzone extensions and templates are now fully compatible and work great in it. We released a beautiful free Responsive Bootstrap Travel Template that is a great tool if you need to design responsive pages with a number of elements on it. Last but not least, we offer a sneak preview of the HTML5 Data Bindings that is set for release next Wednesday so check it out!

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