HTML5 Video Player Improved and with Special Price

Today, our popular HTML5 Video Player comes with many great improvements and a special price with 50% off. Along with the greatly improved HTML5 video play for iOS, Android and Native HTML5 cross browser compatibility it also supports the latest YouTube player functionality. In the showcase below you can experience all new stuff and check out how we bettered the user experience by adding beautiful shadows to the player.

Adv HTML Editor 3 and Online Page Editor Got Updated

Today we have two new updates for you - the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Online Page Editor Add-on. With the help of these handy tools you can edit your page with minimum efforts quick and easy. Now the login functionality of the Online Page Editor Add-on has been improved so you will stay logged in until you exit. The compatibility of both extensions with the DW CS 6.1 have been bettered and more.

For a week you can get the Advanced HTML Editor 3 with 50% off. By combining it with other extension you can increase your discount even further.

New Showcases and Videos Sections!

We reorganized and restructured the DMXzone main menu and added new sections - showcases and videos to make them more accessible and better presented. Now you can explore each showcase easily and get the needed information about how they are made, which extensions are used and more. Also, we have Articles section where you will find useful tutorials, premium content articles, reviews and books. Check out the details below!

Add Google Maps Inside DMXzone Tabs
Nowadays when you go to the contact section of any web site, it is not enough just to have your address written down, you need to show it on the map. Achieving that is fairly easy with Google Maps. In today's video tutorial we will show you how with just a few clicks you can insert your maps inside the DMXzone Tabs.
Showcase Your Products With Style

In today's showcase we covered a very important subject in the process of highlighting a product. When you create a site for your customers, it is really important how you present a service or product. For that purpose we made a restaurant demo page and used the Fish Eye Menu extension to create an awesome looking fluid menu with the different types of foods we offer.

Don't miss the opportunity to get the Fish Eye Menu with 50% off until Wednesday!

What You Missed This Week

This week was Halloween so we made a new themed design kit called Responsive Halloween Design Kit. It combines 4 DMXzone extensions along with a template. It's really easy to customize it for your needs and you can be sure it will be well presented on any device. We also updated our stunning tool the Fish Eye Menu. Some of the new improvements include jQuery 1.7.2, better compatibility with DW CS6 and more. Now you can take advantage of the reduced prices of the Fish Eye Menu and the Responsive Halloween Design Template. For a few more hours you can use our special Halloween promo code for additional 20% off. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

Fish Eye Menu Comes With New Power and Sale Price

The Fish Eye Menu extension is an excellent tool if you are looking for to create beautiful and stylish fluid navigation menus. You can pick up different icons, set effects and many more. With this new version we added jQuery 1.7.2, improved the compatibility with Dreamweaver CS6 and bettered the installer for Dreamweaver CS 6.1 You can read the full list of improvements below.

Now you can purchase the Fish Eye Menu with 50% off. On top of that you can increase your discount even further with the special Halloween Promo Code and add 20% off additionally for the next 24 hours.

48h Halloween Sale Starts Now

To celebrate Halloween with our friends across the globe, we offer you an exclusive promo code that will give you 20% discount on all our extensions and templates. It's only valid for the next 48 hours (until Friday) so hurry up and complete your DMXzone extensions collection with the tools you need at a lower price. Note that the volume discount also applies for multiple products purchase so the more extensions you add to your shopping cart the greater discount you'll receive!

Responsive Halloween Design Kit Released

This week we have another template with a fluid grid layout packed together with 4 very useful DMXzone extensions called Responsive Halloween Design Kit. You can customize this themed template easily and create your own website for any product/service that your customers provide. 

The Responsive Halloween Design Template comes with a special price and until next Wednesday you can buy it with €10/$12 off!

Sneak Preview of Our Upcoming Halloween Template

A day before Halloween we'll give you a sneak preview of our upcoming template that will feature DMXzone Responsive Text and other DMXzone extensions. It's completely responsive so you can use it on any device and desktop browser, and it will look stunning! Until tomorrow you can still get the DMXzone Responsive Text extension on a reduced price so hurry up!

Check out the demo preview below and stay tuned for more Halloween specials coming tomorrow!

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