Beautiful Music Contact Us Form with Notify

In today's showcase we will show you how easily you can design stunning contact form for your website and even add links and images to the notifications. For this demo page we created a contact form with button, which submits the form and retrieve the result on the same page with the help of DMXzone Ajax Form. The confirmation is executed with the HTML5 Responsive Notify that pops up and contains a link to the Facebook page. The images change in the amazing HTML5 Slideshow and the music is added with the HTML5 MP3 Player.

HTML5 Responsive Notify Released and with a Special Price!

After weeks of development, the HTML5 Responsive Notify is finally here! This amazing extension provides a timely and appropriate feedback to the visitor about status, success or failure of the task being carried out. With its full responsiveness, it looks great on a desktop browser as well as on mobile devices and fits the screen perfectly. These and many more features are packed in the extension so check it out and also the showcases and videos we created.

Until next Wednesday the HTML5 Responsive Notify is with a special price and you can get it for €19/$26! For all our subscriptions holders this extension is free of charge so all you need to do is download it.

HTML5 Responsive Notify in Action

A day before the official release of HTML5 Responsive Notify, we designed a showcase with a few DMXzone extensions in order to create an appointment form with awesome notification upon submission. For the form we used the DMXzone Ajax Form which is connected to the upcoming HTML5 Responsive Notify through the behavior connector, which pops up when the form is submitted. The date and time are executed with the DMXzone Calendar 2 and DMXzone Timepicker extensions, and are styled with the DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack.

HTML5 Responsive Notify Features Unveiled

As promised last Friday, here is the detailed information about the features that our developers packed in the upcoming HTML5 Responsive Notify. From rich notifications and user alerts, through the amazing CSS design and easy positioning of the notify box, to fully responsive appearance and mobile integration, everything is possible with this awesome Dreamweaver tool. These and many more features are coming with the official release on Wednesday.

Check out the list of features in detail below and stay tuned for more insights! 

HTML5 Responsive Notify Coming Next Week

Our DMXzone Team can not stop developing more and more great new Dreamweaver extensions and today we're happy to announce our upcoming addition - the HTML5 Responsive Notify. With it you can create rich notifications and users alerts with just a few clicks in Dreamweaver, and enhance the experience for your website users. This amazing extension provides a timely and appropriate feedback to the visitor about status, success or failure of the task being carried out. The notification can be beautifully positioned on the page corner with the best color style to fit your design.

Stay tuned for the Features in detail coming on Monday and the official release on Wednesday, next week!

Online PayPal Store Template Showcase

The Online PayPal Store Template has a neat and clean design, built with five DMXzone extension. It's fully functional and easy to customize. For today's showcase we used it to design a fully functional web store and present the products the best possible way, using the extensions that accompany it in the Online PayPal Store Kit.

Online PayPal Store Template & Kit Released

In the past few years, the minimalistic style has been very popular among the website design and today, we have a brand new Online PayPal Store Template & Kit to continue this trend. Not only this template loads faster but is also supplied with all the needed components for an online store: shopping cart, maps location, great product images preview and of course awesome navigation.

For a week time, the Online PayPal Store Template is with a special price and you can get it for €29/$39! For all our subscriptions holders this template is free of charge so all you need to do is download it.

Responsive Web Store with Easy Navigation

In this showcase, we built a web store for smart phones that has a responsive design and is easily navigated even on mobile devices and tablets. The images are previewed in the DMXzone Nivo Slider, the navigation is executed with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu and the location is presented in the DMXzone Google Maps. The purchase can be done with just a mouse click through the Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart.

Awesome Product Page with 5 DMXzone Extensions

For today's product page showcase we used 5 DMXzone extensions to complete it and make it fully functional. the discounted items are presented in a HTML5 Parallax Slider with button navigation. The featured item contain three thumbnail images that enlarge on click in a DMXzone Lightbox. The purchase is executed with drop down menu and an "add to cart" button with the DMXzone Uniform and the payment goes through the Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart. The "you may also like" section features images of more items that get colorized on hover, thanks to the HTML5 Image Enhancer.

For the next couple of days you can still get the newly released Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart cart with a discount so hurry up!

What You Missed This Week

This week we released the most anticipated Dreamweaver extension - the Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart. Deliver full shopping experience and sell easily any kind of products on your website with the new Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart. With this tool your users will be able to add products, change quantity, get rich discounts, automatically calculate tax and shipping costs and get a smooth PayPal checkout process, with just a few mouse clicks. Check out the great videos and showcases we create during the week for a better overview.

Hurry up and get the Sliding PayPal Shopping Cart until next Wednesday it's with a special price for €59/$78!

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