Google Maps Gets More Power with Directions and Autocomplete

In addition to yesterday's update of DMXzone Google Maps we have improved versions for two of its add -ons -  the Google Maps Directions Add-on and Ajax Autocomplete, which can also be used as a stand alone extension in Dreamweaver. To show you how greatly they work together if you need to create a directions search field, we designed a showcase, where you can try them directly in your browser so check it out below.

To sweeten things a bit more, we also added the Google Maps Directions Add-on and Ajax Autocomplete to the DMXzone Summer Sale and now you can get them with 50% discount so hurry up!

Google Maps and DMXzone Updater Improvements

We're starting the week with two more improved extensions, DMXzone Google Maps and DMXzone Updater. With the bettered version of DMXzone Updater, now you can also keep an eye on your free extensions and update them directly in your Dreamweaver. Our DMXzone Google Maps comes with improvements for Dreamweaver CC and of course the latest jQuery 1.10.1.

Check out our newest showcase below and make sure to get the DMXzone Google Maps because it's with 50% discount for a week!

What You Missed This Week

In our weekly content summary you'll find all blog articles and showcases that we released during the week, as well as the updated DMXzone extensions this week. Our Summer Sale continues with six extensions that were discounted with 50% so check them out and complete your DMXzone extensions collections. Among the sales this week is the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and three or its add-ons - Online Page Editor, File Manager and Image Gallery.

Picasa and YouTubizer Addons Improved for Advanced HTML Editor 3

Today, we have two more improved add-ons to support the Advanced HTML Editor 3. Picasa Gallery and YouTubizer Add-ons come updated for Dreamweaver CC and the latest jQuery 1.10.1. Below, you will find a showcase where you can try the newly improved add-ons directly in the browser and see how they work.

Make sure that you get the Advanced HTML Editor 3 because it's with 50% off for a limited time!

File Manager and Image Gallery Add-ons Come with More Power

The File Manager and Image Gallery Add-ons are an amazing addition to the Advanced HTML Editor 3, which we released yesterday with many improvements. Both tools offer a complete file/images library directly in the editor. We used them to design an admin panel page for custom CMS where you can experience the super fast and responsive Ajax technology, used for their development. So check out the showcase below and make sure to get them because we added 50% discount until next Thursday!

Keep DMXzone Shared Components Up to Date

Today, we have a new and free extension that is a pack of tools used by all DMXzone extensions. The DMXzone Shared Components is a must have extension to keep your DMXzone Behavior Connector, DMXzone Resizer, Related File Copy and Head Updater up to date with the latest improvements. Once installed in Dreamweaver, your extensions will be always supplied with the latest versions of the components without additional extensions updating.

So, please download and install this extension, it's free and will help us improve your extensions easily and more effectively!

Advanced HTML Editor 3 Improved and on Sale

For the next few days, we will focus on our most popular Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Add-ons. Today we have updated versions of the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Online Page Editor Add-on that allow you to edit your pages directly in the browser. You can experience the power of these two awesome tools in the showcase below, where you can edit the page content and see how greatly they work together.

Showcase: Coming Soon Page with Fluid Menu

Our next addition to the Summer sale that comes with improvements is the Fish Eye Menu Dreamweaver extension. Along with the latest jQuery, our developers included improvements for Windows 8 and many others that you can check out below. Also, we designed a coming soon page with it where you can see how great it looks if you need a cool navigation for your project.

Until next Tuesday you can get this fantastic fluid menu tool with a Mac OS X toolbar look with 50% discount!


Animated Thumbnail Gallery Comes with the Latest Browser Control

This week, we continue with out Summer Sale and included the updated Animated Thumbnail Gallery that features the latest DMXzone Browser control for the much improved Dreamweaver Design Mode editing and live preview within Dreamweaver on a newer Windows versions, as well as full Dreamweaver CC  support, among other awesome improvements. Below you'll find a showcase that we designed to give you an idea what you can accomplish with this amazing tool!

The Animated Thumbnail Gallery is available for purchase with 50% discount until next Monday. Check out the other extensions that are currently on sale and benefit from our multiple purchase discount

What You Missed This Week

It's been quite an exciting week at the DMXzone headquarter as we released the HTML5 Data Bindings that will add some amazing functionality to your Dreamweaver and help you build dynamic web apps and interactive pages. If you still don't have this amazing tool, get it now as it's for free! We also started our annual Summer Sale and already we have 3 improved extension from the DMXzone collection on sale with 50% discount so check them out! Below you'll find the full list of DMXzone content.

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