Sliding Billboard with Improved Capabilities

As promised earlier this week, here's the new and improved version of our awesome Sliding Billboard extension. Along with the improved integration with dynamic data, Dreamweaver integration and installer for CS5.5+/ Mac DW CS6, we also added the latest mouse wheel plug-in and jQuery 1.7.2.

If you still don't have the Sliding Billboard until next Wednesday you can get it at half price so hurry up.

Restaurant Mobile Website with Sliding Menu

How easy it is to design a simple but yet so effective mobile website these days? The answer to this question is even easier - Sliding Menu! Below you can check our latest demo website that's been created with the use of Sliding Menu and Dreamweaver CS6 Fluid Grid and features useful info, gallery and a contact form. If you're not familiar with this tool, check out the product page, where for few more hours you can get it with a huge discount!

Styling the Universal CSS Navigation Menu

DMXzone's Universal CSS Navigation menu is an amazing Dreamweaver tool that lets you create all kind of awesome web site navigation menus such as cascading drop down, mega, popup and context menus. In this article we will teach you how to style them in a way that will fit your web site perfectly. All you need is some basic CSS knowledge.

Building a Responsive Sliding Billboard

The DMXzone Developers' team is currently working on an updated version of our popular Sliding Billboard extension, which will be ready in a couple of days. In today's showcase you can check out how easy it is when working with it in Dreamweaver CS6 in order to create a responsive Sliding Billboard. Stay tuned for the update on Wednesday that we'll sweeten up with a price discount!

What You Missed This Week

This week we offer you another dose of showcases for your inspiration. Not only that but we have two new updates for you - Sliding Menu and Sliding Panels are here with great improvements which you can check out on the product pages. To make it better we put both on Sale with 50% off until next Wednesday. If you missed something this week below you can find a complete list of the released DMXzone content.

Sliding Panels Updated for Greater User Experience

We have one more from our sliding extensions improved and ready for you - the Sliding Panels. Along with the jQuery 1.7.2 we added the latest mouse wheel plug-in and other improvements that you can check out below in the what's new list. Additionally we have a new awesome demo that you can view on a mobile device or in your desktop browser. Until next Wednesday you can have it with 50% discount!

Sliding Menu Improved for Form Elements

Our astonishing iPhone like menu builder, the Sliding Menu has been improved this week. It comes with great support for form elements on content panels, latest jQuery and many more. With this Dreamweaver tool you can give your users the power of touch and swipe gestures to experience the trusted iPhone feeling no matter what browser and OS they are using! Again, for a week time you can benefit from the special price and get it with 50% off!

Video tutorial: Creating a Responsive HTML5 Slideshow

Last week we showed you an awesome showcase where we created a responsive HTML5 Slideshow with the latest version of the extension. Now, you can follow up the step by step video tutorial and recreate it on your page so it will fit any screen size and device. If you missed this great update, you can check the full list of new features and improvement, as well as the demo here. For a few more hours you can get the HTML5 Slideshow with 50% off so hurry up!

What You Missed This Week

This week was full with hot news and excited content. Adobe announced their new CS6 applications which come with tons of improvements and amazing new features. Of course what made us happier than ever is the new Dreamweaver CS6 with its new fluid grid layout and more. The other great new addition is the Adobe Creative Cloud service that allow users to gain access to their work anywhere they go and to all Creative Suite products among other features. Last but no least we updated our HTML5 Slideshow extension for responsive design and other added some more great stuff which you can check on the product page.

HTML5 Slideshow Improved for Responsive Design

Today we are glad to announce the updated HTML5 Slideshow. The latest version features new responsive capabilities! Now you can specify width 100%, image placement fill or fit and the slideshow will automatically resize itself to fit your desktop or mobile device browser! Check out the full list of improvements and the demo. To sweeten the deal the HTML5 Slideshow is on Sale until next Wednesday!

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