Making of the Vertical Sliding Billboard Showcase

With the Sliding Billboard extension you can create stunning presentations for your product/services. The perfect example for that is the Vertical Sliding Billboard showcase that we put out yesterday and today we are going to show you how you can achieve the same awesome effects in just a few minutes. Just follow video tutorial below.

Now the Sliding Billboard is on sale so hurry up and get it 50% discount because the sale ends tomorrow.

Amazing Vertical Sliding Billbord

We start the week with an awesome showcase, designed with our Sliding Billboard extension. You can see how easily you can create a vertical billboard that's been navigated with two buttons. If you're not familiar with this great Dreamweaver tool, check out its product page, where you'll find all of its features, showcases and video tutorials.

Until Wednesday you can also get the Sliding Billboard with 50% discount so hurry up!

What You Missed This Week

This week we have two updates for you - the Sliding Panels and Billboard. Now both extensions have improved Dreamweaver CS6 compatibility, bettered installer for the DW CS 6.1 and more. Make sure to check out the showcases and the video we made for you. Until next Wednesday you can take advantage of the reduced prices of the Sliding Panels and Billboard and buy them with 50% off. Purchase both and get even bigger discount. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

Sliding Billboard Arises with Great Improvements and Special Price

The newly improved version of our Sliding Billboard extensions brings more power when used in Dreamweaver CS 6.1 (Adobe Creative Cloud). We also added an improved javascript file compression for smaller and faster file loading. Below you will find a useful showcase that will show you what you can do with this amazing Dreamweaver tool and some basic CSS knowledge.

For a week time you can benefit from the special price and get the Sliding Billboard with 50% off.

Responsive Sliding Panels with Special Price

This week we have a new and improved version of the Sliding Panels extension. Now you can create fully responsive panels on mobile devices and when the navigation bar does not fit, it can be scrolled with gestures. To check this great new feature, you can view the showcase we built for you below. This new version also comes with improved form handling, better CS6 compatibility and more.

Until next Wednesday you can get the Sliding Panels with 50% off and save money so hurry up!

Setting Dynamic Names for Adv HTML Editor 3

The Advanced HTML Editor 3 is a very powerful tool which gives the customers control to edit thier pages quick and easy. You can enable editing of live text, images, tables and other content without any HTML knowledge, visually like in Microsoft Word. Today we made another video tutorial to show you how you can set the editor to pick up names from dynamic sources.

The Advanced HTML Editor 3 is on sale so don't miss the opportunity to get it with 50% discount.

What You Missed This Week

This week we have three updates for you - the Advanced HTML Editor 3, its Online Page Editor Add-on and the HTML5 Video Player. All of them come with improved compatibility with DW CS 6.1 and many others. Also we added two new section to the site - Showcases and Videos. There you can find all the videos and demos with detailed information for the used extension and related articles, so make sure to check them out. Until Wednesday you can purchase the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and HTML5 Video Player with 50% off, combine them with other tools and get even bigger discount. Below you can find a complete list of DMXzone content.

HTML5 Video Player Improved and with Special Price

Today, our popular HTML5 Video Player comes with many great improvements and a special price with 50% off. Along with the greatly improved HTML5 video play for iOS, Android and Native HTML5 cross browser compatibility it also supports the latest YouTube player functionality. In the showcase below you can experience all new stuff and check out how we bettered the user experience by adding beautiful shadows to the player.

Adv HTML Editor 3 and Online Page Editor Got Updated

Today we have two new updates for you - the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Online Page Editor Add-on. With the help of these handy tools you can edit your page with minimum efforts quick and easy. Now the login functionality of the Online Page Editor Add-on has been improved so you will stay logged in until you exit. The compatibility of both extensions with the DW CS 6.1 have been bettered and more.

For a week you can get the Advanced HTML Editor 3 with 50% off. By combining it with other extension you can increase your discount even further.

New Showcases and Videos Sections!

We reorganized and restructured the DMXzone main menu and added new sections - showcases and videos to make them more accessible and better presented. Now you can explore each showcase easily and get the needed information about how they are made, which extensions are used and more. Also, we have Articles section where you will find useful tutorials, premium content articles, reviews and books. Check out the details below!

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