Creative Studio Template Now Available for Free

We received so much feedback about our last week's Creative Studio showcase that we decided to turned it into a Dreamweaver template and today, it's available for free download in our Templates section. If you missed this stunning page, below you will find the showcase and a video tutorial how it's been created. Note that you need to have the HTML5 Parallax Slider and DMXzone Nivo Slider installed in order to be able to install and edit/customize the template in Dreamweaver.

Animated Page Elements and Location Map

To build a simple page with location for your business has never been easier, but to make it fancier and more attractive for your visitors you need two of our Dreamweaver extensions - Advanced CSS Animator and DMXzone Google Maps that will help you animate any CSS property and add beautiful Google maps. Below we give you a great idea how you can combine them and design such awesome page.

Grand Hotel Template & Kit Released with Special Price

As promised yesterday, today we are happy to announce the release of our Grand Hotel Template that's been created with eight awesome DMXzone extension and features five pages that you can customize easily in Dreamweaver. We also packed the extensions along with the design template in a discount package called Grand Hotel Design Kit. Note that for a few more hours the HTML5 Slideshow and HTML5 Parallax Slider are with 50% off and if you get the kit it will be even cheaper because these two extensions are featured in it!

Grand Hotel Template Coming Tomorrow

Last week we published an amazing hotel showcase with stunning animations and image display, and today we offer you another one that will be featured in the upcoming Grand hotel template. The contact page is very neat and simple but useful and impressive, and is designed with two DMXzone extensions only. Stay tuned for the official release, when you will be able to purchase all 5 pages in a template package and customize them quickly for your needs.

Note that HTML5 Slideshow and HTML5 Parallax Slider are used in this template, so purchase them today with 50% discount!

More Design Ideas with HTML5 Parallax Slider

Parallax Sliders has been pretty popular among web designers recently. They move multiple elements at the same time but at different speed and create an astonishing 3D movement effect on the website. DMXzone's HTML5 Parallax Slider is exactly what you need to divide your content into different slides and add multiple elements in each one, no matter images, text, videos or any HTML content. Check out today's showcase below and see how awesomely it looks.

Horizontal and Vertical Sliding Elements in One Slide

If you followed us last week on DMXzone you should have seen two amazing showcases that were designed with HTML5 Parallax Slider and feature horizontal and vertical sliding elements in each slide. In today's movie we will teach you how to do that in a few easy steps in Dreamweaver so watch the video below or in our Videos section.

What You Missed This Week

This week, we are happy and proud to announce what our designers and developers did with the new look of Now, it's lighter, runs smoother and is supplied with amazing new technologies. In our weekly content summary you'll also find a numerous of showcases that we designed during the week, using DMXzone's most popular Dreamweaver extensions.

Designing a Stunning Hotel Home Page

In today's inspiration lesson we created a stunning hotel showcase where we used the Advanced CSS Animator to create drop effect of the website sections on page load and also to animate the navigation menu buttons. Also the featured images are presented in a beautiful HTML5 Slideshow that has title and description of each picture. Below, the facilities and the wellness center are advertised in DMXzone Nivo Sliders, which on click open the larger images version in a DMXzone Lightbox.

Celebrate the New DMXzone with Parallax Slider and HTML5 Slideshow

A day after the official release of our fully redesigned website, we decided to celebrate it with our most popular extension that made the design on the home page look so awesome - HTML5 Parallax Slider. Our featured articles are presented with it in a stunning presentation, divided in slides and multiple elements that gives it an amazing 3D depth illusion. Our second most popular extension, the HTML5 Slideshow also joins the party with great effects and navigation controls. Check out both extensions in action as we designed two beautiful showcases with them.

New Cool Technologies Empowering DMXzone

Our developers and designers work is done and today we're extremely happy with the result and proud to announce the fully redesigned! Now it runs faster and smoother on all modern browsers as well as mobile devices thanks to some new technologies that we used. Check out what's new on DMXzone and let us know what you think by writing us a comment below.

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