Features Unveiled: HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater Add-on

Just a day before the official release we made a list of the features included in the HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater Add-on. Among others our developers included full client side paging and sorting, custom start index, custom repeaters, support for DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter and more that you can check out below. Make sure to be with us tomorrow when we'll release this great tool!

HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater Add-on Coming on Wednesday

We know it's August and it's the vacation season but our developers have been working hard on a few Data bindings add-ons and we're ready to show you the first one, which is set for release this Wednesday. It's called HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater Add-on and now you can have full client side paging, sorting, custom start index on your repeaters and even custom repeaters! All those nicely controllable by behaviors and working together with the DMXzone Behavior Connector.

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us for the past five days it's just that time of the week when we publish our DMXzone content summary. We improved our HTML5 MP3 Player and the Music Visualizer Add-on and created numerous showcases to give you inspiration for your projects. Also, you can see the amazing stuff you can achieve using our Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection. Below you can check out the full list of content.

Bring Music or Sounds to Your Pages

Using our recently improved HTML5 MP3 Player, we build a page with some funny horse sounds which you can hear on more click wherever you see the word "horse" in the description. Of course, for the page layout we used the most famous DMXzone Bootstrap 3 so it can be fully responsive, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements for the content and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation for the menu. Last but not least, we have some tips which appear on hover with the help of Advanced Tooltips.

The HTML5 MP3 Player is currently on sale along with the HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-on.

Web MP3 Player for Your Online Music

This week we have two improved extension that will allow you to make your website sound look amazing. The newly updated HTML5 MP3 Player and the HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-on feature great improvements such as compatibility with Dreamweaver CC 2014 and DMXzone Extension Manager. Also the HTML5 MP3 Player contains the latest jQuery 1.11.1 and the Visualizer add-on comes with improved effects. Don't forget to check out our latest showcases where we used these awesome tools to create a web mp3 player.

Until next Wednesday HTML5 MP3 Player and HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-on are on sale so you can get them with a discount in the Extensions section. 

More Design Awesomeness with Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection

We continue to inspire you with ideas that you can bring to live with our DMXzone extensions. In today's showcase again we used the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection which features DMXzone Bootstrap 3 for the fully responsive layout, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation for the menu and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements for the page content. Additionally this set of extensions also contains an animation tool, the HTML5 Animate CSS that we used for the images. For the demo page we also used the default theme from the DMXzone Bootswatch.

An Amazing Page with Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection and Animator

For today's showcase we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 to create the responsive page layout and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements for the page content. For the HTML elements of the content we also used HTML5 Animate CSS which triggers the animations on page scroll. The page offers horizontal as well as stacked navigation, the stacked one has been animated with the Advanced CSS Animator. Last but not least we used the cosmo theme from the DMXzone Bootswatch. All of the extensions except for the Advanced CSS Animator are nicely packed in the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection.

Animate Repeat Regions on your Page
Just before the weekend starts we have one more demo in which we will show you the power of animated repeat regions and how amazingly they look on a web page. For this showcase we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and its Elements to create the page layout and its content.  Thanks to HTML5 Animate CSS we managed to animate the HTML5 Data Bindings repeat region. In order to create the connection to our database we used DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP.
Display a Notification When the User Login Fails

Using our recently updated DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP and HTML5 Responsive Notify you can easily display a notification message when the user login fails. All you need to do is add a custom login form on your page, apply the page security provider executor and use the behaviors in order to show the HTML5 Responsive Notify when the user login fails. Make sure to check out what's new in DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP and update it.

Last Chance to Get an Extensions Subscription with 20% Discount

With a huge collection of over 100+ Dreamweaver extension you can build any website that features the latest design and development trends and amaze your users at the same time. In order to get access to all our DMXzone tools you need our All Extensions Access Yearly or 2 Years Subscription which are on sale until tomorrow with 20% discount so hurry up! Additionally, we have an improved version of HTML5 Data Bindings SEO PHP/ASP which you can access for free with your subscription and download it directly via the DMXzone Extension Manager.

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