What's New in DMXzone Supersized 2

In just two days we'll released our fully rewritten DMXzone Supersized 2. Last Friday we posted a sneak preview of what to expect and today we'll give you more details about the difference between the older version and the new one. As you already know, it's supplied with HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP compatibility, but also DMXzone Supersized 2 runs smoothly even on the latest 64bit update of Dreamweaver CC 2014. In addition, the extension has an awesome mobile support and now your slideshow looks great and loads super-fast on any mobile device. Thanks to the super-smart image preloader you'll be able to load as many images as you want and still have a super-fast background slideshow. Aslo, our developers added many updates such as improved control on image thumbnail list, improved behaviors control for each image show and hide, improved navigation controls and many more that you can see tomorrow in our Features in detail post.

What You Missed This Week

In our weekly content summary you'll find all the releases, showcases and other stuff that we published the last five days.  This week we added an amazing Responsive Hotel Template and Kit, which is a great starter template for various business related projects. The template is available for free so make sure to download it. In addition, we'll be releasing DMXzone Supersized 2 next week so don't miss the sneak preview.

DMXzone Supersized 2 to be Released Next Week

Our most awesome fullscreen background slideshow is getting a brand new version. DMXzone Supersized 2 will be released next Wednesday and our developers added some amazing improvements and new features. As you all expect, they supplied the extension with full HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP support so you can create slideshows from dynamic source, local file or public feed. In addition DMXzone Supersized 2 is fully rewritten and now offers great support for mobile devices, smart preloader, which loads only the needed images and more that you can read about in our "What's new" post on Monday so stay tuned.

Responsive Hotel Template & Kit Released

This week we have an absolutely stunning Responsive Hotel Template, which you can download for free.  Of course, it can be also used for various other businesses due to its simplicity and great user impact. Supplied with a beautiful image slider, fully responsive layout, great navigation and content, it's a perfect starter template if you want to meet the latest design trends. We also packed all the required extensions and the template in a Responsive Hotel Kit so make sure to check out the great showcase and see the amazing results.

More Design Beauty with CSS Image Gallery 2

For today's showcase we used all DMXzone Bootstrap 3 extensions to create the fully responsive layout, great content and page navigation. In addition we added a beautiful CSS Image Gallery 2 with stunning images. All extensions are also to be found in the Responsive CSS Gallery Collection 2, which we released last week. Keep in mind that the CSS Image Gallery 2 is still on sale with great discount but only until tomorrow so hurry up if you still don't have it. 

Design Inspiration with Responsive CSS Gallery Collection 2

Today we have another great showcase, which features our recently released Responsive CSS Gallery Collection 2. This awesome pack of four DMXzone extensions is what you need to create a fully responsive layout with great navigation, content an a beautiful gallery, where you can present your stunning images. Keep in mind that the CSS Image Gallery 2, which is part of the collection is currently on sale and you can get it with discount until next Wednesday.

Responsive CSS Gallery Collection 2 Released

This week we have a brand new pack of DMXzone extensions, called Responsive CSS Image Gallery Collection 2. It features all Bootstrap 3 extensions so that you can create fully responsive layouts with great navigation and user-friendly content. Additionally, you can add beautiful CSS image galleries. Make sure to check out our latest showcase where we used the collection to create an awesome demo page.

Until next Wednesday you can get CSS Image Gallery 2 with discount if you still don't own this amazing extension!

DMXzone ePub Manager with Dreamweaver 64bit Support

This week we have one more DMXzone extension that got power boost. Our most awesome DMXzone ePub Manager is now supplied with Dreamweaver 64 bit compatibility and works like a charm on both Mac and Windows. Take full advantage of the Dreamweaver visual design power and extend it with ePub functionality. You can edit and create any e-Book you that you wish. With the automatic ePub generation, when done editing the ePub HTML and CSS files, you can save them to a new ePub file.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone ePub Manager with the stunning 50% discount!

DMXzone Font Awesome with 40 New Icons

One of our most amazing free extension received great improvement and a new version today. Our beloved DMXzone Font Awesome is not only supplied with the new 4.3 Font Awesome but also comes with 40 shiny new icons to use in your designs. In addition, our developers made some improvements on the Dreamweaver floating panel and now it's super easy to pick and use any of its icons. Make sure to check out our latest showcase, which features this great extension.

Design Inspiration That You Need Today

If you need a little bit of inspiration on what to do with our newly released Responsive Mobile Device Template 2 & Kit, we just created an amazing showcase to give you an idea or two. The one page design features stunning preview of the images in a slideshow, great navigation and a location map so make sure to check it out.

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