Upcoming Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer

The easiest and fastest way to create different types of form layouts, such as vertical, horizontal, inline and search forms is to use the power of Bootstrap. Forms are an essential part of any web page or app. Styling them can be a difficult job, but our developers stepped in again and with our upcoming DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer they simplified everything to a few mouse clicks.  You don't have to worry about customizing and aligning form controls such as labels, input fields, selectboxes, textareas, buttons and more, it's all there.

Database Connectivity Collection Released

Now, you can use the full power of all DMXzone database extensions because we put them in a single pack called Database Connectivity Collection. It's available for PHP and ASP and features our most amazing extensions. Which are excellent if you want to build dynamic web apps and interactive pages, fully visually without any coding.  Make sure to check out which tools from the collection have been improved. You'll find the list below.

Easy and Quick Image Upload Panel

For today's showcase we used three DMXzone extensions to create really simple upload panel for our images. With DMXzone Server Connect and HTML5 File Upload you can do single as well as multiple upload. The upload offers full client side image preview and on hover you can see info about the image - size and name.

In addition, we used HTML5 Animate CSS to animate the images' thumbnails when you perform multi upload.  Note that we disabled the upload option on purpose for this demo.

You still have time until Wednesday to get HTML5 File Upload with discount so hurry up! 

What You Missed This Week

If you missed us during the week, the most anticipated Dreamweaver extension has been released! HTML5 File Upload made its official appearance and it's now available with a discount and even greater one if you already own Pure PHP/ASP Upload 3. 

This most amazing tool comes with a super-useful user manual, which contains a number of tutorials to guide you through, when working with it. Below you'll find the list of released content. 

Make Your Own Fancy Progress Bar

Our latest video tutorial has a lot to do with our newest Dreamweaver extension - the HTML5 File Upload. In a few easy steps we'll show you how to create your own progress bar and display it, while your users are uploading files to the server. In order to achieve this you'll need the endless power of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements so watch the video below how we did it!

Don't forget that the HTML5 File Upload is currently on sale if you still don't own this amazing tool. 

HTML5 File Upload, Available Now and on Sale

We present you the HTML5 File Upload! If you are looking for options such as advanced file upload through Ajax, a multiple file upload possibility, storing file info and client side image preview, then this extension will be of excellent use to you.  

We also made sure that the extension is compatible with our powerful DMXzone Server Connect. So to use these two extensions perfectly together, make sure to update your DMXzone Server Connect

Get the extension with a discount until next Wednesday, because the sale ends then! And we have a special price for the users of the Pure PHP/ASP Upload 3. You can upgrade to get even bigger discount, just make sure to be logged in with your DMXzone account and the right price will appear on the product page. 

HTML5 File Upload in Action

Just a day before the official release, our creative guru Teodor Kuduschiev made some amazing videos, in which you can see how easy it is to work with the upcoming HTML5 File Upload. Thanks to its great integration within the DMXzone Server Connect, with just a few clicks, you will be able to experience its full power. More step by step tutorials are coming so make sure to check with us again tomorrow.

Features in Detail: HTML5 File Upload

As promised last week, it's time to unveil the features, which our developers packed in the upcoming HTML5 File Upload. Among them you'll find the fantastic integration within DMXzone Server Connect that allows you to quickly add the upload functionality. It also comes with great client side preview of the uploaded images, the ability to store your file names, type and size directly in your database, and many more.

Stay tuned for the official release on Wednesday!

What You Missed This Week

This week we had a few exciting releases. Our favorite released Dreamweaver extension, and hopefully yours as well, is the long awaited DMXzone Server Connect. This next generation server side framework will provide you with a full visual workflow builder, so you can program without any coding. To make it all even better, you can download it now for free

We also wanted to make sure you are able to use this super extension with our other powerful extensions, so we improved the HTML5 Data Bindings, DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP as well. 

Next week we have more coming up, as we are releasing the HTML5 File Upload.

Below you can see all of our released content from the whole week, in case you missed something. 

HTML5 File Upload Coming Next Week

There's one particular extension we know you're excited to hear about and this post is the answer to your prayers. Yes, the HTML5 File Upload is ready to make its official appearance on DMXzone.com next week! Allow advanced file upload through Ajax, multiple file upload and client side image preview, thanks to the amazing HTML5 Data Bindings integration. Store your uploaded images names in a database together with the new DMXzone Server Connect and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and Updater PHP/ASP. It even comes with super fancy progress bars!

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