What You Missed This Week

It's Friday, so that means it's time to look back at this week. If you missed us on Wednesday, we released an amazing pack of Dreamweaver extensions: the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection. It features one of our very recent and popular extensions, the newly improved DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer. To see what you can do with these tools, we created a few cool showcases, which you can check out right below. 

In our sales list this week you can find the HTML5 Animate CSS on a discount until next Wednesday. With this extension you can virtually animate HTML elements and create fantastic presentations for your dynamic websites and mobile apps. 

Next Level Animated Inline Forms

A simple inline form can be much more impressive if you add animation effects to it. And this is exactly what we did in our latest showcase. Again, using the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection we built a car dealership page that will blow your mind. All extensions in this pack are used to create the layout, content, navigation and so on.

Keep in mind that the HTML5 Animate CSS is still on sale with a discount so hurry up and start adding awesome animations on your pages. 

The Full Power of Bootstrap 3

What could be better than a collection of super useful Dreamweaver extensions? Pretty much nothing, because it is all you need to  create responsive layouts, great navigation menus, pages' content, forms and top that with stunning animations and design themes. The collection is called the Extended Bootstrap 3 Collection and it will be even cheaper this week as the HTML5 Animate CSS is on sale.

In addition, we have some great improvements and new features included in the latest version of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer.

Get Ready for DropZone

Imagine just being able to simply drag files from your desktop to your browser. This can be easily done with our upcoming DMXzone DropZone Add-on for HTML5 File Upload. Uploading one or more files at the same time, it's up to you. You can even monitor their upload progress with individual counters. Check us back again to find out what more our developers packed in it!

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the week, here's our content summary with the most interesting videos, showcases and stuff that we released. We published an addition to the Bootstrap 3 family, called DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer, which is what you need in order to create stylish forms for your website or app. Below you'll find the full list or articles.

Fantastic Form with Image Upload and Preview

It doesn't matter if you design a form with a couple inputs or more complicated with file upload and other fields. It should always look great and your users should be able to fill it out quickly. In today's showcase we created a form where the users can apply for a photo contest.

We used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer for the form. It's been also enhanced with DMXzone Bootswatch's Flatly theme to match the design. The photo upload is executed with HTML5 File Upload extension, comes with great progress and also image preview before submitting. Make sure to check it out!

Experience the power of Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer

It's super easy to create a form using DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer. There are many reasons you could have to create a form online. An example is to give potential employees the ability to apply for a job on your website. Well, in today's showcase we used the Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer to create a horizontal application form for a job opening/job application form.

It contains static element for the ref. number, text for the name, email, phone and file field for uploading the CV. In addition, there is a radio button group of three radio buttons and a checkbox. Once filled out it can be submitted by a submit button.

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer Released and on Sale


Today we're extremely happy to announce an extension that's been requested from you for quite some time. And it's finally here! Meet DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer, the extension which will create amazing website and app forms for you. In addition, the whole Bootstrap 3 family has been improved so make sure to update your Bootstrap 3 extensions first.

Until next Wednesday DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer is on sale so get it and start creating your contact, subscription, reservation and various other forms today.

What's Inside DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer

We’ve heard from our users that creating forms online can be very time consuming. So we decided to give you a hand. In less than 24 hours we'll release the next addition to the Bootstrap 3 extensions - DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer. With this extension you can create several  kind of forms with just a few mouse clicks.

Upcoming Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer

The easiest and fastest way to create different types of form layouts, such as vertical, horizontal, inline and search forms is to use the power of Bootstrap. Forms are an essential part of any web page or app. Styling them can be a difficult job, but our developers stepped in again and with our upcoming DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer they simplified everything to a few mouse clicks.  You don't have to worry about customizing and aligning form controls such as labels, input fields, selectboxes, textareas, buttons and more, it's all there.

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