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Advanced Tooltips Improved and with Great Demo

This week, we have updated our favorite Advanced Tooltips that displays online help, zoom in to images, rich content and tips with just a few clicks.It comes with a great demo that will help you set up a website with products and provide additional information about them in cool tooltips. Check out what's new in the latest version and update it for free. If you don't own it, until next Wednesday you have the opportunity to get it cheaper!

June 7, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Get Ready for Adobe Max 2011

Adobe Systems announced the greatest experience for designers, developers and business leaders at its conference that will take place from Oct. 1-5.2011 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Since yesterday the registration for the event is open. The scheduled sessions are just part of the MAX experience. From the Sneak Peeks to MAX Awards, evening events, and community programs, you'll go through an amazing adventure that is as fun as it is informative.

June 7, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova

What We Read This Week: Digital Art Masters: Volume 5

We can't wait to check out the latest book that we received from Focal Press. It's an amazing book where you can meet some of the finest 2D and 3D artists working in the industry today and discover how they create some of the most innovative digital art in the world. A Source of inspiration for animators everywhere: more than 50 artists and 900 stunning color images are showcased. More than just a gallery or coffee table book, each image is coupled with a description of the artists' techniques and their problem solving solutions. Learn from the best digital artists in the world.

Stay tuned because with the mini-review coming next week we'll give 5 free copies of the Digital Art Masters: Volume 5 to 5 lucky winners!


June 6, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova