What You Missed This Week
If you didn't have the time to follow us the whole week, here is a handy list with what we put out the last five days. We released the Google Maps & Lightbox Bundle which combines both of the finest Dreamweaver extensions. Also, we made a video and demo to show you how you can combine them. Last but not least, there are two new mini-reviews with competitions and a fresh member of the Dreamweaver Template section.
Put Your Café on the Map Template

We have a new and free Dreamweaver Template which is a café website with a beautiful sliding billboard of dishes. Your visitors can find the café in no time, thanks to the popping up Google Maps. The combination of Sliding Billboard, DMXzone Google Maps and DMXzone Lightbox is perfect for everyone who want to think of website for a café, restaurant, shop, club, just name it.

Mini-review & Competition: Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts

Let Ten Ton Books takes you through the world of floating layouts and learn how you'll have a lot more control over how your web pages are laid out. We’ll be giving away 5 copies of Ten Ton CSS Floating Layouts Video Training by Geoff Blake from Ten Ton Books. Jump in for a quick description of the Video Course and join the giveaway!

Google Maps & Lightbox Bundle Released!

The DMXzone Summer Sale is almost over but we will continue to bring you high-quality extensions packages with great discounts and today we packed a Google Maps & Lightbox Bundle. With a single click you can add Lightbox functionality to any existing elements like images, links, forms or even your Google Maps. Check out the demo and video we created with both extensions to see how amazingly they work together!

Open Your Location in an Amazing Lightbox Window

If you don't want to waste space on your website in order to show your location in Google Maps, here's an idea what you can do. Why not open the Google Maps in an amazing and stylish Lightbox popup window? With today's release of Google Maps & Lightbox Bundle it's as easy as it gets and with our video tutorial you'll be able to implement it on your website in no time.

If you already have the DMXzone Google Maps benefit from the 48h Blitz sale and get the DMXzone Lightbox with €15/$23 cheaper!

Mini-review & Competition: Photoshop Without Photographs

In Photoshop without Photographs Steve walks you through the process of creating of an image called “The Hallway,” which depicts the scene outside the door of a 1930s private eye, using only Photoshop’s built-in tool set. If you want to learn how to do it, check out our mini-review and join the competition to get the chance to win one of the 3 free coupons, Video2Brain are giving away!

Beginning Smartphone Web Dev Book Winners

We're starting the week with a giveaway of 5 free copies of the Beginning Smartphone Web Development e-book to 5 lucky winners who participated in our competition. In this book, Gail will teach them the web standards and fundamentals specific to smartphones and other feature-driven mobile phones and devices. If you haven't checked the book, you will find a mini-review in our Reviews section of the website. Stay tuned for more competitions coming up this week!

What You Missed This Week

The first Summer Sale week comes to its end but it is far from over! We still have the DMXzone subscriptions on the table with 20% off the retail price until Wednesday! For those who missed the previous offer, we've extended the additional discount of 30% on all the DMXzone Suites until Monday. 

All Subscriptions with 20% Discount until Wednesday!

Just before the weekend we included the subscriptions in the DMXzone Summer Sale. If you're tired of purchasing extensions why not get an access to over 70 high-quality extensions instantly? Until next Wednesday you have the chance to get All Extensions Access Yearly Subscription, All Extensions Access 2 Years Subscription and the Premium Content Yearly Subscription with 20% off the retail price!

Also we extended the sale(30% off) on all DMXzone Suites so if you haven't decided yet, you have the time until Monday!

DMXzone Extensions Updated to Work with Adobe's Latest Flash Player

With the latest release of Adobe Flash Player comes also an update for our most powerful flash extensions - Active Slideshow, Flash Album Generator 2, Dynamic Flash Gallery ASP and Dynamic Flash Gallery PHP.  Our developers improved them to load perfectly with the Adobe Flash Player If you own any of these extensions you can download the newest version completely for free from the product pages. If not, you can check them out and see what a great help they can be in your daily work.

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