What You Missed This Week

This week was very exciting. First of all we have a new star in our family - the Google Maps Drawing Add-on. With it you can sketch your maps by adding directions, different shapes, change colors and more. You can do all this directly in your Dreamweaver and thanks to the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and the updated DMXzone Google Maps it's also possible to do it online in your browser. But this wasn't the only update, we also have new versions for our Ajax AutoComplete and Google Maps Directions Add-on. Be sure to check out all the demos and videos we made for you and discover  the power of our new tool. For a limited time you can get the Drawing Add-on with a special introduction price. You can even get it cheaper by adding more products in your shopping cart for greater discount. Below you will find a complete list of DMXzone content.

Organize Your Trip Demo with Google Maps Drawing Add-on

Yesterday we released a brand new tool for you - Google Maps Drawing Add-on and today we will show you another great example what can do with it. For this demo we used our Online Page Editor Add-on which will allow you to edit your maps directly in the browser and DMXzone Google Maps to bring up the place we want to customize. After that it's all the Drawing Add-on. Thanks to the awesome drawing functions, we were able to outline and colorize the needed spots in just a few seconds. With minimum efforts we have created a map for your customers to get around quick and easy.

Google Maps Drawing Add-on Released and on Sale

The waiting is finally over and today we're proud to announce the official release of our next Add-on for DMXzone Google Maps and Advanced HTML Editor 3 called Google Maps Drawing Add-on. With this amazing tool you can draw anything you like on your maps, including polygons, lines, different shapes and even use custom colors to fit your site design. Check out the demo below and see what amazing things you can do with it!

For a limited time, until next Wednesday you can get it with €10/$13 cheaper so hurry up! And remember, buying more than one extension at once on DMXzone gives you automatically more discount! So make sure you have a full shopping cart for maximum savings!

Adv HTML Editor 3 Gets Two New Add-ons

With the improved version of DMXzone Google Maps and the release of Google Maps Drawing Add-on it's now possible to use both tools as Add-ons in our popular Advanced HTML Editor 3. With them you can have all the functionality directly in the editor, create maps, directions, customize them with markers, shapes and many many more. You can check out the demo that we created for you and test it real time in the browser. Also, below you will find a detailed list with the improvements that our developers made in DMXzone Google Maps' latest version.

Ajax Autocomplete and Directions Add-on Improvements
We have two more tools that have been updated, the Ajax AutoComplete and Google Maps Directions Add-on. Now, they work perfectly when used together with the improved DMXzone Google Maps and their performance will satisfy you fully. Check out the list of improvements to see what's new about both. Also, below you will find an awesome demo, which will show you how the Ajax AutoComplete works along with the DMXzone Google Maps.
Google Maps Drawing Add-on Meets Adv HTML Editor 3

Today, we're going to unveil another amazing feature of the upcoming Google Maps Drawing Add-on. Our developers made it possible also to be used, together with the DMXzone Google Maps, in our most popular Advanced HTML Editor 3 extension! With the DMXzone Google Maps you can add maps with pins directly in the editor and with the Drawing Add-on you can have all the drawing options and use them to sketch anything you want. Check out the sneak preview we give you below of the unlimited capabilities when brought together.

Stay tuned for the official release of Google Maps Drawing Add-on tomorrow and the improved Advanced HTML Editor 3. Also, the DMXzone Google Maps will be improved to work as an Add-on for the editor as well.

Google Maps Drawing Add-on Features Unveiled

As we promised last week, it's time to reveal the features for our upcoming Google Maps Drawing Add-on for DMXzone Google Maps extension. It's very simple to use and the effects that you can accomplish are stunning. The Add-on is a fully integrated Drawing Editor and allows you to sketch anything you want directly in Dreamweaver. Just pick the place on the map that you need to work on and start drawing. You can draw directions, different shapes such as rectangles, circles or even polygons to highlight certain parts of the map. You can choose any color, set up opacity and stroke. Below you will find all the features in details.

So stay tuned for the official release on Wednesday!

What You Missed This Week

This was a very exciting week for DMXzone. With the launch of our Shopping Cart, purchasing has never been easier. With just a few clicks you can select all the products that you need, choose the payment method and use Promo codes. The more extensions you add to the cart the greater discount you will receive. Along with the Shopping Cart we made a slight change on the design and the profiles. To celebrate this wonderful news we are giving a free Promo code for additional 20% off for a week. Below you will find a complete list of DMXzone content.

Google Maps Drawing Add-on Due Next Week

Our developers have been working on a brand new Add-on for our DMXzone Google Maps that is almost ready to shine in our Extensions section. They made a Google Maps Drawing Add-on that makes it extremely easy to add custom overlays in different shapes and colors, add opacity and stroke level, and set actions. You can use all these options to highlight a certain part of your map, draw custom directions and polygons and more...

Stay tuned for the upcoming release next Wednesday!

Showcase: Golf Equipment Store

Today we have another awesome demo that we created we 3 DMXzone extensions. All you need to create a stunning webstore that will blow your users' mind is Sliding Billboard, DMXzone Supersized, Universal CSS Navigation menu and a little bit of CSS skills. Check out below what you can accomplish and be sure to check our newest tool category, called Collections, where you will find extensions packages with great discount.

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