Auto Show Marker's Info in Google Maps with the New Feature

We continue to bring you high-quality extensions all summer long and we just can't seem to stop. This week, along with the fantastic updates for the Ajax AutoComplete and Google Maps Directions Add-on, we've updated DMXzone Google Maps that come with new option to auto show marker's info windows, when markers are displayed, language option to allow you to choose the Google Maps language and more... Check out the demo and video to explore these extensions and add-on if you're still not familiar with them.

Digital Art Masters Vol. 5 Book Winners

Welcome to our new 5 honorable and lucky winners! Thanks to Focal Press, every winner will be rewarded with a free copy of Digital Art Masters Vol. 5. So give them a big round of applause and take advantage of the next contest yourself!

Limit the Address Search in Google Maps with Ajax AutoComplete New Feature

Due to the many requests we received we pumped up the Ajax AutoComplete extension, which now allows you to limit the address search to a specific region or country in your Google Maps Directions. Also in the Google Maps Directions Add-on we've added end address field to make it easier the adding of from/to directions, which are now possible with two Ajax AutoComplete fields. These and more features and improvements you can explore below in the What's new lists.

The Ajax AutoComplete and its bundles are now available with permanently cut prices!

What We Read This Week: Beginning Smartphone Web Development

By the end of Beginning Smartphone Web Developent from Apress, you'll have the training, tools, and techniques for creating robust mobile web experiences on a wide array of platforms for your favorite smartphone or other mobile device. Stay tuned for the full review and competition next week!

What You Missed This Week
The amazing Advanced HTML Editor 3 has been updated with a big performance boost and major improvements! Together with Videos and Demos it will help you give your clients an amazing content editing experinece. Everybody can get their copy of this extension on a special price until Wednesday!
OSX Lion and Adobe Products? Here are some Things You Should Know!

Maybe you were planning to get on the OSX Lion Train? Before you hop on, check out the known issues when you work with Adobe Products. Adobe has posted a page on its website detailing issues found on its products running on Apple's newly released OSX Lion operating system. It covers the entire Product Family and that makes you think about switching over.

Just a Single Developer License Valid for all your Websites!

We regularly receive questions from our beloved users like 'how much do I have to pay extra for multiple installations?' or 'for how long is my extension valid for use, before I have to renew my license?'. Let us clear that out for you that you need only one single developer license for all your websites! This applies to all our Dreamweaver Extensions, with no additional costs and Free Live Support included. Yes, you can use it on your pc, laptop and your tablet as well, as long as you are the owner of a developer license!

50% Off For 48 Hours On Advanced HTML Editor 3!

In addition to the updated Advanced HTML Editor 3 you can save big with our Blitz Sale! Now it is the time to get the Advanced HTML Editor 3 with 50% off for the next 48 hours, so be quick and get the extension cheaper! Once the Blitz Sale is over we will continue with the Normal sale until Wednesday, as usual, but on a different price.

Advanced HTML Editor 3.1 Released With Major Improvements!

Proudly we present you one of the fastest and most comprehensive content editors on the market! The famous Advanced HTML Editor 3 is amazingly improved in speed and performance as well as the enormous value adding Add-ons. Still not convinced? Check out the amazing features in the 9 Demos and 16 Videos we've created so far!

Advanced HTML Editor 3 Performance Boost with more than 300%!

Our developers have been working on a major update of our Advanced HTML Editor 3 extension and its Add-on Arsenal to be much faster and quickly ready to use! Let us show you how we incrementally decreased the file size, overall loading and downloading times for the best user experience in all famous browsers. It's even faster than many of the best WYSIWYG-editors on the market. Get ready for the best content editor solution there is!

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