HTML5 Audio and Video: What you Must Know

A long time ago, in a galaxy that feels a very long way away, multimedia on the Web was limited to tinkling MIDI tunes and animated GIFs. As bandwidth got faster and compression technologies improved, MP3 music supplanted MIDI and real video began to gain ground. All sorts of proprietary players battled it out—Real Player, Windows Media, and so on—until one emerged as the victor in 2005: Adobe Flash, largely because of the ubiquity of its plugin and the fact that it was the delivery mechanism of choice for YouTube.

Create a Stylish Portfolio Site Design in Photoshop

This first of a two part tutorial series will go through the process of building a simple and stylish portfolio website design. We’ll begin by designing the concept in Photoshop and fleshing out every little detail before cutting up the design and building it all into a working website next week.

PHP: Fast and easy SQL queries using ezSQL

Nowadays, most websites and web applications are database driven, which means that you, the developer, have to query the database to get the requested information. Let’s take a look at a very useful tool to handle SQL queries easily and efficiently on small to medium projects.

Data Visualization with CSS: Graphs, Charts and More

In this post, we want to take your for a ride for various approaches to beautiful and creative data visualization tools that are entirely base on CSS/HTML. Yes just copy and paste then customize it according to your preference. These charts can be CSS bar graphs which display data in horizontal/vertical form, Drop-down list to your organize data or even Line graphs and Pie charts!

WordPress SEO Now in Public Beta

The News SEO module, which is already in the download you can currently get from, is and will remain free. It allows generation of an XML News Sitemap, which you'll need if you want to be included in Google News. More features will be added to that later.

HTML5 Canvas Element Guide

The HTML5 <canvas> element has a unique history. Starting out as an Apple creation and dating back to 2004, canvas was eventually added to the official W3C HTML5 spec, becoming one of the most interesting and exciting parts of HTML5.

Unfortunately, this element takes a bit of work to understand and, unlike your usual run-of-the-mill HTML elements, requires more than just static markup and styling.

WordPress Custom Post Types Guide

One of the most anticipated features of WordPress 3.0  was the ability to add your own custom post types to WordPress, which allows you to display and categorize different types of content outside of the 5 native WordPress content types (i.e. Post, Page, Attachment, and so forth). The addition of this feature is a big step forward in making WordPress a full-fledged CMS, extending outside its normal use as a blogging platform.

50 CMS Alternatives to WordPress

Is WordPress a CMS? Many developers say “no” while countless others continue to use WordPress as a content management system regardless of its definition or intended use as a blogging platform.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, you should know that there are a lot of robust and powerful alternative CMS options that have been built from the ground up to help you manage the content on your site. Joshua Johnson offers 50 content management systems perfect for designers, end users, churches, media sites and more!

Best Practices for Modern Javascript Development

Javascript is definitely a very popular language on the web, and every web developer has to deal with it someday. For this article Jean-Baptiste Jung has compiled a non-exhaustive list of good practices that will help you to become a better javascript developer.

Feed Genie Manual

This is the manual for Feed Genie that allows you to get your favorite feeds as Data Sources directly in Dreamweaver! Now you can add the feed fields directly from the Data bindings panel to your page and any tag attributes as dynamic data! Use Feed Genie Repeater to display all the feed entries exactly the way you want. Choose from the many supplied standard feeds like Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Picasa but customize them with your own filters!

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