Dezign Folio: Create A Detailed Portfolio Homepage Design In Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Portfolio homepage design with a unique slide show and welcome message design. Also choosing great resources around the web to make our design more cooler. I Hope that you can go through in this tutorial and learn a few techniques.

Cutie - 20 High Quality Web Icons

“Cutie” is an icon set cute as a pie. It consists of the most commonly used web icons, designed with one intention- to bring attention and playfulness to your websites, blogs, applications or software. The icons are designed with bright, warm colors, curvy lines and great attention to details.

HTML5 Video Player Manual

All you need to know about HTML5 Video Player can be find in this extension manual. We prepared some videos, tutorials and useful tips on how to use it and a great overview of the features packed in it.

50+ Awesome CSS3 Techniques for Better Designs

CSS3 is gaining momentum, despite the fact that the standard hasn’t even been finalized. There are hundreds of tutorials out there to teach designers how to use it, but unfortunately a lot of them cover the same ground.And some of the tutorials teach designers to do things that they might not think of as useful, though the techniques can usually be adapted to fit a project perfectly. Many are strictly CSS and HTML  based, while others also incorporate JavaScript.

CSS Tutorials to Brighten Up Your Day

As we all know, a lot of complicated CSS code snippets had to be used back then when you simply wanted to achieve a rounded corner, and even had to use JavaScript for simple animations. But since the coming out of CSS3, life has become a lot easier.

15 First-rate Photoshop Brush Sites You Should Know

Adobe Photoshop is probably the most, if not one of the most, popular graphic editing program of our time. One of the most important element of Photoshop editing are the brushes, so it’s crucial to find the suitable brushes for your design. However, sometimes it can get quite frustrating when you can’t find the tools you need to satisfy your specific design needs. It is indeed no easy task to search through hundreds or thousands of design resources sites to get exactly what you want.

HTML5 Grayscale Image Hover

Once upon a time, grayscale image has to be manually converted in order to be displayed on the web. Now with HTML5 canvas, images can be manipulated into grayscale without having to use image editing software.

80+ Ultimate Collection of High Quality Free PSD Files

No one can deny the importance of Adobe Photoshop and the role that this amazing software plays for the designing industry. For a graphic designer, PSD files can come very handy because they can easily edit, modify and customize these files according to their own taste and desire.

Rotating Feature Boxes

All the animation is CSS3 transitions. JavaScript only watches for the clicks and applies and removes classes as needed. Why not use JavaScript for the animations as well and get wider browser support? CSS3 is far better suited for this. The animations are better (hardware accelerated). It doesn't slow down other JavaScript. It is also easier to write keeping the animations in CSS. With JavaScript we aren't able to animate to classes easily.

HTML5 and Native Media Support

If you’re a web designer, you’ve almost certainly heard of HTML5 by now. The next big step in the HTML standard, HTML5 has been in the works since 2004, and brings a lot of changes to the web. Today, David Leggett would simply like to acquaint you with some new media features in HTML5 in the hopes that you’ll begin implementing these features into your own design now.

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