launches blog search feature has launched a new blog search service this week. Blogs become more and more popular for news or information on local or specialised topics. is using the index already created and updated by subscribers to its popular Bloglines site.

StarOffice hit by its first virus
The first virus affecting StarOffice was detected this week, but so far it isn't being used to infect computers.
Microsoft discovers a new way to secure Vista
Microsoft uses a security feature that is also used in the open-source world to harden Windows Vista against buffer overrun exploits.
Microsoft demonstrates JPEG rival

Microsoft presented Windows Media Photo a competitor for the JPEG image format at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference.  

Windows Media Photo will be supported in Windows Vista and also be made available for Windows XP.

Winners of the ASP for Dreamweaver 8 book competition

Thanks to Friends of Ed we had 5 copies to give away of; ASP for Dreamweaver 8. Out of the many correct answers we have drawn five users that have won a copy of ASPASP for Dreamweaver 8, read more to see if you are amongst the lucky winners.

Get Ready For Pure ASP Upload 3

Pure ASP Upload has been our most successful Dreamweaver extension in the past years. With 5 years of free support and upgrades we felt it was time for the next step; Pure ASP Upload 3.

For several months now our developers have been working overtime to create the best version of Pure ASP Upload ever. We've highlighted the special features of the upcoming version that will be released soon.

Microsoft's 2007 Office Beta 2 tour and review
2007 Office Beta 2 released today, contains many new features. Office's big push is for collaboration, and SharePoint is at the core of this movement.
Free e-Books at In Pictures

In Pictures launched a new brand of computer how-to books this month. To promote them in a new way the company is offering the books temporary for free under a Creative Commons license. There are In Pictures titles on Dreamweaver and Fireworks as well as other topics.

Human virus defences aid infected computers

Studies on the body's immune system have inspired a new way of protecting computer networks from viruses and hackers.

Google adds video ads

Google is taking the first steps to compete with television advertising this week by starting up a new video ads service. The company will place video commercials on the many Web sites where it sells advertising.

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