Driving With Google
Google launched a feature that lets U.S. consumers view live highway traffic data on cellular phones.
Google to offer advertisers click fraud stats
Google will offer advertisers insight in the number of invalid clicks on their ads with changes it's set to make to its AdWords system.
The 10 worst technologies in Q2 2006

News.com has compiled a list of the ten products they hate because of various reasons. Although you might not agree with all of the items on the list it is great fun to read.

Microsoft's 'iPod Killer'
According to BetaNews, Microsoft's is about to unveil a so called "iPod killer" late next month, with the company preparing to build momentum towards an October launch.
Extreme Tech reviews Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9
Extreme tech reviews Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9 to which browser is mostly to succeed in the future. 
Winners of the book Beginning XML with DOM and AJAX competition
Thanks to Apress we had 5 copies to give away of; Beginning XML with DOM and AJAX. Take a look and press read more to see the correct answer and if you're one of the lucky winners.  
Windows XP more secure then Vista?

According to a Symantec report, some of Microsoft's efforts to make Windows Vista its most stable and secure operating system ever could cause instability and new security flaws.

Google tests more accessible Web search for the blind
Google has begun testing a search system that makes finding information on the Web easier for the blind or visually impaired.
Review and competition of Advanced ActionScript Components
We've got a mini-review and competition of the Advanced ActionScript Components book. The friendly people of Friends of ED are giving away 5 books.
Colin Moock interviews Mike Downey, Flash product manager
Colin Moock has a chat with Mike Downey, the longtime product manager for Flash. Colin and Mike talk about Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia, the future of the Flash Platform, Adobe's early-access software initiative called Adobe Labs, and Flex.
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