Try Microsoft Office 2007 without installing it

The real-time test drive does not require product installation or download—it's the fastest way to try out 2007 Microsoft Office system programs. You can start exploring Microsoft Office through your Web browser on your own without installing the program, or follow the step-by-step tutorials to experience all of its useful features.

Vista to allow ActiveX installation
Microsoft is to give Windows Vista an option for users to install ActiveX controls after all. Previously it was said that the controls could only be installed with administrator approval.
Windows Genuine Advantage removal tool released

Guillame Kaddoch, a French security analyst and software developer has created a software program that removes the notifications of the Windows Genuine advantage tool.

Google; paid videos now for free but with ads
Paid Google Video's can now be watched for free as the company is testing a new businessplan by including ads for revenue.
Winners of the Blog Design Solutions book
Thanks to Friends of Ed we had 5 copies to give away of; Blog Design Solutions. Take a look and press read more to see the correct answer and if you're one of the lucky winners.
Review and competition of Flash Application Design Solutions

We've got a mini-review and competition of the Blog Design Solutions book. The friendly people of Friends of ED are giving away 5 books.

Another Key executive leaves Microsoft

The company announced that Martin Taylor, the executive leading the software maker's marketing strategy to challenge rival Google  has left the company.

Opera 9 released
After months of beta-testing Opera 9 is now available for download! Take a look at the future of Web browsing with the new stuff in Opera 9.
Windows Live Messenger Launched!

Microsoft has released the long awaited Windows Live Messenger chat program. Amongst the features are better video conferencing, PC-to-PC calling, and telephone calling and a better integration with other Microsoft and Yahoo services.


Does the next move for Adobe make Windows irrelevant?

The Apollo project, a core part of Adobe's strategy is all bout creating a foundation upon which developers can create a new generation of applications that can run on any device with a screen and are independent of any particular operating system, something that could lessen the importance Microsoft's Windows.



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