Does Instant messaging affect your grammar skills?

With huge numbers of teenagers using instant messaging and adopting its unique linguistic shorthand, many teachers and parents are concerned about the medium’s potential to corrupt kids’ grammar.

Your video in the news, CNN launches CNN Exchange
CNN wants some of the clips being uploaded to popular video-sharing sites, such as YouTube or Google Video to find their way to the cable news channel.

As part of CNN's coverage of the fighting in Lebanon earlier this month, the cable channel showed clips that it found on YouTube.

Senior Security Strategist, Jesper Johansson leaves Microsoft

On September 1 Johansson will leave Microsoft after almost 5-years of service. Johansson is famous for his contribution at the TechEd-events and is one of the few Microsoft Security employees that regularly reports on the strategy and targets of his department.


Vista gets file version management from Windows Server
Microsoft has announced that Window Vista will contain the Previous Versions-feature from Windows Server 2003 that is also known as the Volume Shadow Copy-service.
More than 95% of e-mail is 'junk'
Analysis of the contents of millions of e-mails has revealed than 95% of e-mail is junk, be it spam, error messages or viruses. Most of this junk mail is coming from on hijacked home computers.
Creating Art from Spam
Alex Dragulescu uses his daily spam to create wonderfull art. For the last several years, the Romanian-born computer artist has applied techniques in computational modeling and information visualization to invent this new form of artistic expression.
Nigeria orders $100 laptops

Nigeria has officially ordered and paid for one million of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) devices.

The deal is the first order for the project that aims to provide low-cost laptops to children in developing economies.

Driving With Google
Google launched a feature that lets U.S. consumers view live highway traffic data on cellular phones.
Google to offer advertisers click fraud stats
Google will offer advertisers insight in the number of invalid clicks on their ads with changes it's set to make to its AdWords system.
The 10 worst technologies in Q2 2006 has compiled a list of the ten products they hate because of various reasons. Although you might not agree with all of the items on the list it is great fun to read.

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